Pinwheel Productions

Mister C Live:  The World in Motion (Newton’s Laws)

Nov. 6 & 7 2023

10 area schools at no cost to schools

Keith Cornell engages a group of elementary and middle school aged student during his science themed show, “Full STEAM Ahead with Mister C,” Tuesday, Mar. 15 at Kent State Tuscarawas in the Performing Arts Center. According to his website, “Mister C is the Emmy Award winning producer for Speakers & Beakers, and a three-time Emmy nominated producer and host of Full STEAM Ahead, which airs on PBS stations across the US. He is also the creator of the YouTube channel LearningScienceisFun.”

It’s Science Time again!  Pendulum swings, inertia hammers, and hovercrafts! Mister C is no stranger to finding exciting and engaging ways to explore STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) with students.  Former educator, Emmy winning producer and Creator/host of Full STEAM Ahead, Mister C returns to the James F Dicke stage with another extraordinary interactive science show.

Mister C is not your ordinary educator.  Mister C, a 20+ year educator, knows how to inspire and engage learners of all ages using video, music and live presentations!  Whether an audience of 80 or a theatre filled with 1500, Mister C’s high energy and infectious attitude will have you out of your seats and learning together!

Mister C travels all across Ohio and different parts of the USA to present his Hair Raising Science to students at schools and performing art centers. Check out MisterC.Live to see if Mister C will be at a theatre near you or visit Mister C’s website for additional science resources and information.

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