Venue Details

The majority of our performances take place in the James F. Dicke Auditorium, located at the west end of the New Bremen High School. Below you will see several links that will depict the technical specifications for out of town performers. For any other questions please visit our contact page for contact information on how to speak with us directly.

Technical Notes

• House capacity – 474, with no balcony
• Non Union stage crew (all volunteers)
• All standard double door access, stage and house, no middle partitions. No Loading dock
• Genie AWP-36S power Lift

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• Telex WP-3 headsets, 6 sets, 3 years old
• 2 jacks in booth, 1 on catwalk, 1 at stage right
• Non dressing room monitors, no pages or intercoms

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Dressing Rooms

• There are no dressing rooms, but boys and girls locker rooms are available, showers sinks and mirrors
• Use of art and music rooms are possible dressing rooms. Both are located off stage left.
• Local laundry house contact info: Z’Wash Haus 419-629-3414

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Stage Dimensions

• Proscenium – 47′ x 18′
• Curtain line to front apron – 8′
• Curtain line to back wall (crossover) – 26′
• Offstage wing space – approximately 5′ (very little)
• Crossover – behind back black curtain, or outside building
• Backstage entrances to stage – two sets of double doors on each side, stage left and right
• Entrances to house from stage – handicap ramp stage left and stage right, center stairs
• Orchestra pit available
• Resilient stage floor, wood on wood floor, masonite painted black

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Fly System

• Counterweight – 8 sets of lines, all in permanent use
• 4 electrics, 3 with curtains, one with motorized projection screen
• Draw type main, maroon color

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• 4 sets of legs, black
• 3 teasers, black, 1 teaser maroon(with front curtain)
• Maroon front curtain
• All permanently hung, good condition
• Mid stage curtain 4ft. from front curtain
•  Close-off curtain 9ft. from front curtain
•  Rear curtain 19ft.
• No cyc, upstage drop or scrim – only rear black curtain

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• Company switch, power tie-in location: under projection booth.
• Power available
• Dimmers and Controls
• 62 dimmers at 2400 watts each (15 others for house lights)
• The system dimmer is Per Circuit
• SCR solid state dimmers
•  Control Board – Minstrel Plus by Electronics Diversified
• New Board
• Computerized – DMX compatible Programmed by both keyboard and faders
• No Manuel backups
• There are 12 sub masters

Lighting Inventory

• All “Altman” brand

-25-10ºpattern proj1000w

• Striplights
– 9 units, 6′ long, 9 lamps each, 3 circuits each, 120w lamps, with roundels
• Followspots
– There are 2 in projection booth, Altmans
• Front of House Positions
There is only one: 28 ft. from curtain, 25ft. above stage, 16 circuits

• Onstage positions

– 1st electric2′ from curtain10 circuits
– 2nd electric8′ from curtain10 circuits
– 3rd electric13′ from curtain10 circuits
– 4th electric18′ from curtain10 circuits

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Load In Notes

There is no loading dock, but there is access through standard school doors in a number of ways. There are no large overhead doors. Some large pieces must come through school hallways and down the front isle of auditorium.

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Sound System

Mid/High Speakers
• 4 Yamaha WF 112 Cabinets (1 Radial Horn, 1 12″ Speaker each passively crossed) noise 200W, program      400W, Max 800W
Sub Woofers
•EV MTL – (Dual 18″ Speakers each) 800 Watts at 4 OHMS – 160HZ Nominal Cross
• EV24 Active Crossover
Mixing Console
• Machie 1402-VLZ Pro Mixer (A Machie 16 Channel is also available)
• 2 Rane ME30 1/3 Octave
• Lexicon MPx1 Mutiple Process FX
• Presonic 2 Channel Compressor
• 2 JBL Eon Power 15 (Horn, 1 12″ Speaker)
Monitor Amps
• JBL Powered, or can be powered by Crown Microtech 1200 and/or Microtech
• Various Shure, Condeser, and wireless are available
• 2 Direct Boxes are available
Dat or CD
• Dat will need to be rented

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• Six platforms all 4′ x 8′
• 2 – 34″ high
• 2 – 24″ high
• 2 – 16″ high

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